Task Execution Policy

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Executing tasks is a simple process, but sometimes the execution needs to be limited to avoid executing the same tasks too many times or too often.

There are four options:

Always execute tasks

There are no limits imposed, and tasks will always execute

Execute tasks on condition state change only

This options allows the tasks to be executed only when the condition they are controlled by has changed states. For example, if you compare the temperature being larger than a set point, multiple temperature changes will trigger piston executions and eventually your tasks under the IF statement. By default, these tasks would run over and over again, every time the temperature changes. By enabling this option, the tasks would only run when the temperature actually rises above the set point, and while the temperature stays above it, no new tasks executions are performed.

Execute tasks on piston state change only

Similar to the option above, but relates to the piston having changed states.

Warning Warning: In order for this option to work, you need to disable the automatic piston state and set the piston state manually (using the Set piston state task) before these tasks are executed. Changing the piston state at a later time (further down the script) will not affect the executions of the tasks before that.

Execute tasks on condition or piston state change only

This option is a mix between the previous two options.