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Warning Warning: Just because a feature is on this list, doesn't mean that ady624 will implement it.
Warning Warning: This list may not be complete. If you find something that is not on the list that has not been implemented don't complain, add it!

The following is a list of missing features or known issues (in a somewhat priority order):

  1. Backup/Restore Pistons to/from local storage (in the works)
  2. Superglobal variables publication to other locations
  3. AskAlexa Message Queue integration
  4. Twilio integration
  5. NFL integration

Resolved (or believed to be resolved) issues:

  1. Smart Home Monitor (3/26/2017)
  2. Location Mode (3/26/2017)
  3. Time Triggers (every x minutes/hours/days/etc do) (4/12/2017)
  4. Color support (4/12/2017)
  5. TCP (4/13/2017)
  6. TEP (4/13/2017)
  7. Execute other pistons (4/15/2017)
  8. Wait until <time> (4/15/2017)
  9. Execute Routines (4/15/2017)
  10. Multiple choice conditions (any of, not any of) (4/16/2017)
  11. Web service calls with location (needs clarification) (4/17/2017)
  12. Task mode restrictions (4/18/2017)
  13. Time conditions/restrictions (time is before/between/after) (4/18/2017)
  14. Date conditions/restrictions (date is before/between/after) (4/19/2017)
  15. Timed conditions (changed, was / were) (4/20/2017)
  16. Masking phone numbers while sharing pistons (4/21/2017)
  17. Global variables (4/22/2017)
  18. Superglobal variables (4/22/2017)
  19. Global/superglobal variables triggers on change (4/23/2017)
  20. Timed triggers (stays/stay) (4/23/2017)
  21. Time condition offsets (4/23/2017)
  22. Use of variables inside conditions and restrictions (same as they can be used in actions) (4/24/2017)
  23. Store condition matching/non-matching device list to variable (4/24/2017)
  24. Subscribe to Routines Events (4/24/2017)
  25. IFTTT integration (4/24/2017)
  26. AskAlexa integration (4/24/2017)
  27. Custom commands with parameters (4/25/2017)
  28. Copy&Paste support inside piston editor (4/25/2017)
  29. formatDuration(value, friendly, granularity, showAdverbs) (4/23/2017)
  30. Contact support for notifications (4/26/2017)
  31. Timed triggers with multiple devices and Any aggregation (4/26/2017)
  32. IFTTT event arguments parsing (4/26/2017)
  33. formatDuration( ) (5/3/2017)
  34. Power Cut Detection (5/8/2017)
  35. Turn X switch to Random State (5/8/2017)
  36. Turn X switch to {variable} State (5/8/2017)
  37. Command optimizations (5/22/2017)
  38. Virtual tasks - add the lot (6/13/2017)
  39. Prevent already scheduled tasks from executing during restrictions (6/16/2017)
  40. Physical / Programmatic Switch Support (6/16/2017)
  41. Lock code support (6/16/2017)
  42. Weather support (ughh) (6/16/2016)
  43. Option to set the flash color and brightness level (request from @HDGuy) (6/17/2017)
  44. Way to identify devices that are selected but not used (no longer needed)
  45. Remove (only while ) when all Mode restrictions are deselected. (bug that was removed?)
  46. That custom function feature you had mentioned in the private thread (@c1arkbar if you cant remember) (right...)
  47. Interpolate the past 10 years of usage based on the most recent 5 hours that would be great. Also would love for it to be able to forecast the next 24 months of data and stock market performance. Also future lottery numbers. (totally doable...)
  48. Reference dynamic devices by names. getDevice(name) or make [variable:attribute] search for a device automatically, if variable is not a device variable (done, set a device variable to a string)
  49. Orientation pseudo-attribute support (6/22/2017)
  50. Followed By support (07/08/2017)
  51. Import from Red Piston Picture (merged into local storage backup/restore)
  52. Set variables with a dialogue versus running a piston to get an initial value (8/11/2017)