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Simulated Switches


Simulated Switches are an imaginary device, that can be real useful to achieve things not normally possible with SmartHomes. They are free to create, and have many uses in advanced programming.

To create a SimSwitch, we can use a web browser to:

Then use the image on the right as a guide -->

Side Note: Sometimes I have to use an "Incognito" or "Private Browsing Window" to be able to save the new device.

Once the device is added, ST will see it within a few seconds, but you will also have to add the device to webCoRE. If you are using Alexa to toggle the switch, make sure to say, "Alexa, discover my devices" afterwards.

Personal Thoughts: I often hear people talk about "Virtual Switches" and "Simulated Switches" interchangeably, but it's important to note that they use different Device Handlers, so they are definitely not the same. Personally, I will only recommend using "Simulated Switches", since I have seen a lot of issues involving virtual switches.

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