Piston State

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Piston States can be used to show a brief overview of what is happening in a piston

e.g. Piston State Example.png

To enable this feature you need to disable automatic piston state in the piston settings option. This can be found by clicking the name of your piston in the edit screen


You can then set the piston state by adding the task below


The displayed text can be formatted using the following

[class | text]

The text is separated from the class using a pipe character | . The class is a comma or space separated list of the following

  • b >>> bold text
  • i >>> italic text
  • u >>> underlined text
  • s >>> strikethrough
  • blink >>> quick fade between visible and invisible
  • left center right >>> text alignment (via CSS float)
  • 0.5x 2x >>> font size as a multiple of the base font size
  • pre >>> preformatted text (allows multiple blank characters used for alignment)
  • mono >>> monospace text (all characters the same width for alignment, often used with pre)
  • #XXXXXX >>> hex colour
  • colourname >>> a css colour name e.g. red, orange, blue, violet, lime. A list of CSS colours can be found here
  • bg-#XXXXXX bg-colourname >>> background color

Use Font Awesome icons to add even more visual flair and function.

Example 1:

Piston state bold.png

would give


Example 2:

Red underlined.png

would give

Red underlined3.png

Example 3


would give