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Adding devices to webCoRE

  • Connect the device to SmartThings first
  • Test the device using the SmartThings app on your phone to make sure the new device is working thru the hub
  • Add the device to webCoRE by going to: Automation > SmartApps > webCoRE > Settings > Available devices > Available devices
  • Select a category, and place a check-mark next to any device that you want webCoRE to see and/or control

(If you don't see the device, go to the bottom of the available devices page & under Select devices by capability, try another Group)

  • Once there's a check-mark by the new device, save multiple times until you are back in the SmartApps page
  • You can now use this device in webCoRE. If you still do not see it, try a hard refresh to your Dashboard. (Ctrl-F5)

Pro Tip: It's probably good advice to avoid adding new devices while in the middle of editing a piston.

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